I directed you

I directed you

Like a GPS

I drove the bus in our relationship

Tried to show you that there’s more to life than a videogame and a playset

Tried to find the time to help you find your life

When instead i could’ve been writing lines


But you didn’t care about what i had to say

Outloud or even on paper

My life was twisted enough you’d rather me not say shit

Put a smile on my face and tell others hey we made it

Made me think we were perfectly fine

Hiding behind lies

Putting on a perfect disguise like we’re trying.  


Every time I asked you to put down the game you’d play games

Games with my heart

Then you’d apologize

But your actions never matched up with your words

some days i wouldn’t even be surprised


I told you the truth

And then you mixed it

Putting it together with your thoughts and you flipped it

My dad says it isn’t your fault

To me

but i still feel like i just fell in a pit and


You must be so glad we’re over

Shutting your door and

Never letting me come back


I know your wishing I never broke your heart

Wishing I never made it fall flat

Some say the world is flat

But i guess the flatness of their brains helped me realize that we weren’t connected enough to form a straight line

We were ups and downs

Roller Coasters


Upside Down

We were a W

An equation

Something almost impossible to solve because it would always be debated


My hearts deflated

This is the end

Now we never have to say i love you and wonder if we meant it, again.


– j.ds


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