I wished upon a star you would be thinking the same thing as me. You’d turn your head from a distance to sneak a glance. Hoping that I too, thought about you. There is a society of people within these white walls, a turquoise green slithers across the floor. Those who do not step on it delicately mistake love as something you can take for granted. Those who are aggressive do not worry about who they may be killing underneath their soles. They have no soul. Not an ounce of curiosity about the love they have lost. Living vicariously may seem like freedom but freedom is when you have love. Freedom weeps on the pot of gold, hoping that people would try to find it rather than beg for it. It is my fault for wishing on a broken star. A star that does not shine in the night. The hidden star at the edge of the sky. I am attracted to emptiness. Like the dark canvass bob ross paints up above. Dark – like the eyes of those who have seen gloom. I face my demons every morning and fall asleep with them every night. Sometimes it’s nice to have another voice. Even if they whisper negative thoughts in my ear. 
– j.ds


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