the sound of death, wondering where god wanders, & the pain of experiencing something new

anxious thoughts


feeling like my mind is trapped on mars 

Inanimate objects flying like shooting stars

my heart is beating to the sound of 

fireworks fluttering like butterflies 

onto targets 


where is God? 


is he hovering above listening to the sounds of bullets

or is he watching as thousands are dying

in this world where occasionally positives 

could light up smiles on people’s faces

but negatives leave other’s faceless, nameless, 

sometimes even dug up in a casket in a cemetery 

that is rarely ever visited. 


will his tears rain down from the clouds as 

a storm begins to form in the sky? 

will he ever rise 

could he ever bring back those we’ve lost? 


anxious feelings 


thoughts of death crawls up my spine 

There’s an aching feeling in my right shoulder

from a day where i thought i could feel 


only left to feel 


– j.ds


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