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hi/i just wanted to call you and i… i don’t know/ i miss you, does that even make sense?/i don’t know why i keep thinking about you but your name is imprinted in my mind and i…/i’m sorry for calling i don’t know why i even did/how have you been?/what’s new in california are there any pretty girls you have your eyes on/ugh/i don’t really want to know the answer to that/well if you have the time to listen to this just delete it from your phone/i/i don’t really know why i even called you/i miss hearing your voice/and i/i wish i could hear it one more time/oh something funny/there’s this guy besides me smoking a cigarette and it reminded me of that night with you and me/when you just finished surfing and wanted to smoke one/remember the way i looked at you?/i was definitely not okay with you smoking but you did it anyways/it’s funny/i wasn’t okay with a lot of things when i was with you/but i stayed/i always stayed/it’s… funny/all you had to do was lie and that’s it/i left/or/you left/but i still miss you/why do i miss you/do you miss me?/don’t answer that/i’m sorry for calling/this was a stupid idea/just forget i ever called/ 


  • j.ds

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