june 1st 2022

i’m trying to understand the people in my life but it’s hard

why do they do the things they do or say the things they do or don’t do the things that are worthwhile

i’m trying to be okay with the way things are but there’s a never ending line of questions in my mind

and i can’t help but wonder if the line is ever going to end or shorten or if the questions will be answered

or will they just float in my brain until they’re ignored over and over again

when i speak i wonder if my words are recognizable or am i simply speaking gibberish words that are aligned into a sentence that doesn’t coherently make sense do i make sense or are they simply not understanding

it’s so difficult to deal with people who do not understand who let things slide who sit in a sea of disgust and drown in their sorrows and sink in their depression

i am trying and trying and trying to be better for those who need me but yet they barely understand me and it’s worse when my mind is filled with these questions

these questions that i’ve just learned

to stop asking.


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