i –

i – 

i am unsure if i love you anymore and that scares me 

an eternity of worries rise in my body like roaring waves waving within my soul 

for me to finally cross to the other side of the road, get to the shore, and stop being drowned by you. 

but – 

but – 

you say you love me and i’m suddenly poisoned by the way your words sound like a drunken man, speaking in cursive, and putting hearts on your ‘i’s” to reel me in closer not letting me leave not letting me breathe i’m so close to you and stuck on to you it’s almost as if i’m no longer my own person no longer able to breathe 

Breathe – 

Breathe – 

my own air. instead, i’m inhaling your drunken words and you’re not even drunk but loving you feels like a never-ending hangover constant spiraling of love and hatred, love and anger, love and something that feels similar to love but it is not. i’m slith



slithering to your heart hoping to hear your heart beats beating faster and faster for me but instead your eyes wander to others and my heart is the one beating fast my fingers are picking at my nailbeds and i start to feel like the way you love me, em-



Empty and devoured by nothingness. 

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